Our approaching 1st birthday and new prices

By Natalie Winter

We are very happy to announce it’s been nearly one year since we officially launched in December 2017! It has been a real eventful time of learning as we go and meeting so many other great sustainable designers who are also striving for genuine positive change.

With an aim to bring out new designs before the New Year, new collaborations in the process, an upcoming trip to India early next year to visit the fairtrade suppliers who grow our cotton and sew our clothing, we are very excited to see where 2018 will take us.

Through the fairtrade and organic supply chain, margins to not only to keep Kimba growing but to support the fairtrade cooperative in India who supplies us with our beautiful garments, we have had to increase our prices. We always aim to be transparent in quality and the reasoning behind the increase is to encourage a consumer relationship where thoughtful purchasing is fostered. Our fairtrade and organic clothing is designed as a character piece for you to love and wear repeatedly, made from organic textiles that keeps its quality and value. We will always keep affordability in respect to this and listen to feedback we receive from you!

As we come up to our 1st Birthday in December expect to see so much more from us in our second year! We hope you can stay with us through the journey and continue to be part of Kimba. Thank you for following us so far.

If you're interested in becoming friends with Kimba and stocking our sustainable apparel within the UK or internationally we'd be happy to have a chat. Get in touch below.


Natalie Winter